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Outdoor Lighting Consultation

PriceFrom AU$400.00
  • For general guidance on exterior lighting, to enhance the atmosphere of your garden, and to potentialise the liveability of your outdoor space, we offer in home consultations.


    For specification and advise on lighting for a single area, the entire exterior of the home or garden, or as a fully managed service - inclusive of trades, our consultations are booked hourly offering a customised approach for each project.


    A true design partnership, we work with clients across all exterior products by Castlight, from scheme proposal and sample displays, to final scheme approval. We provide detailed documentation and itemised scheduling to all trades. 

  • Outdoor Lighting Consultation



    Client Brief

    Scheme Discussion

    Product Recommendations 



    Full Service, Outdoor Lighting Scheme Design

    $200/hr , hourly rate service

    Our Process

    Initial Consultation - Client Brief, Scheme Discussion, Presentation of Suitable Fittings, Photographic Survey

    2nd Consultation - Presentation of Lighting Plan and Specification Schedule

    3rd Consultation - Follow up discussion regarding plan and specification schedule if required before proceeding. Revision of plan and specification schedule if required.


    Trade Quotations - Provided if required to complete all electrical and installation works required to bring the plan to fruition.