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The inventory of the past actively inspires our future...

With a design ethos founded on traditional
artisanal techniques, and a love of textiles and antique wares, we set out to create a product worthy of heirloom status. Bespoke keepsakes.. objects to collect.. we oppose the mass produced and strive to create ethically made pieces that live well on into the future, with soul, integrity and purpose.

Our cushions are naturally
sustainable, made only to order from a range of superior cloths or from antique remnants and panels in limited quantities

The reuse of any piece, its past and the time honoured techniques captured within it, guide our design process, and we partner with mills and suppliers that share our values.

Buy better, keep forever.


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Our interior cushion inserts are custom made & filled with ethically sourced, 100% duck feather.

Sourced from Australian and European origins, we work with local Australian manufacturers to create the most superior and accredited inserts possible. Proudly, our sources create their fill as a bi product of the food industry only, this is then encased in soft Japara Cotton, and filled only to our weight and specifications.

We partner with Australian accredited Members of The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953) and are constantly striving to ensure the highest standards of ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

A natural product,  we choose feather & down for it's biodegradability, weight, warmth and of course softness.



We prioritise Australian makers, artists and suppliers where possible and preference the following textiles initiatives when sourcing;

Fabrics manufactured in mills that comply with REACH regulations

 Created by the European Union and Member States, this legislation was developed to protect the environment and consumers against the production and use of hazardous chemicals. It involves rigorous research, testing and reporting to develop compliance requirements. One of the major elements of REACH regulations is the requirement to communicate information on chemicals up and down the supply chain to provide transparency.

Fabrics which are OEKO-TEX certified

 Fabrics that have been awarded an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification and have been tested and certified as  free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to impact human health.

We aim to source, create and offer products that not only boast superior quality and durability, but also support healthy and fair working environments. We prioritise sustainable manufacturing and strive to source distribution systems that reduce our environmental impact. Together, with our suppliers and manufacturing partners, we share our values and actively work collaboratively towards integrating best practices throughout our shared supply chains.



Produced in Belgium, our pure linens are flat and mill washed, textured and stonewashed. 

A combination of both the climate, which is ideal for growing the strongest flax in the world,
as well as the traditional craftsmanship employed,
Belgium is renowned for producing linen of the highest quality.

Pure linen has long been regarded as one of the most sustainable fabrics. The flax plants from which linen is made requires very little water, little to no pesticides, and is very high yielding, meaning very little of the plant goes to waste in production. Linen production also emits far less carbon than other fibres produced.



The designing and crafting of our pieces is intrinsically influenced by articles of the past
and the history they allude to. We work to source and reuse antique textiles to create new, treasured pieces that are special & unparalleled.

The reimagining, and in turn reuse of these remnants, requires engineered design and strategic cutting to maximise valuable cloths. Although time consuming, this reuse has considerable environmental benefits including preserving energy and any associated resources involved in harvesting and processing new materials.

Extending the life of antique pieces also provides us with an opportunity to appreciate the manual skills and 
attention to detail exhibited by makers of the past.



We invest in earth friendly, sustainable packaging to minimise contribution to landfill and plastic waste.

Our cushions and bolsters are all delivered boxed and tissue wrapped.
Made from 80% recycled materials and employing responsible forestry
practices, our boxes are manufactured in Australia and are fully recyclable and compostable, and our tissue wrapping is acid free and compostable. Additionally, our lighting, art and antique wears are delivered protected by a secondary layer of 100% recyclable honeycomb wrap. 

We choose to seal our packages with  U N G A R . C O , premium water activated packaging tape, which is free from petroleum and other harmful chemicals that are usually present in adhesives. This 100% recyclable, biodegradable and repulpable tape provides the highest level of security for our wears.

received and opened, our taped boxes and wraps can be wholly placed into the recycling with confidence, and  tissue paper can be home or commercially composted, meaning none of your packaging is contributing to landfill.

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